Global On-Chain Credit Bureau for Everyone


If Web3 economy ever becomes a thing, everyone’s data foot print will be on-chain and hyper-efficient dApps will be able to generate so much value from them, enabling all kinds of new services on top of these data.

We envision a borderless world economy where anyone can get access to capital without unnecessary frictions. It should not matter where you’re born or how your environment is. Only you and your behaviors should matter.

So we ran with the idea with support from a great community and experimented on Solana (the fastest open L1) and were able to build world’s first on-chain credit scoring and decision engine that now powers a decentralized lending platform that automatically matches loan offers and bids + tweak them based on your on-chain behaviors as perceived by our proprietary ML algorithms.

  • Date: May 25, 2022
  • Categories: Big Data AnalyticsWeb3
  • Atadia